modeFinance and s-peek recognize the fundamental importance of privacy, security and data protection to our customers and partners worldwide. We strive to provide protections across all of our operations and to deploy consistent, rigorous policies and procedures.

This privacy statement informs you of our privacy practices and of the choices you can make about the way we use information about you. For this reason we have implemented the possibility to anonymize your profile. You can access these options through your own Profile page.

Here you will find:

  • account, which contains the login information, not visible to others;
  • personal information, the data we use for any eventual communications or services invoicing, not visible to others;
  • preferences, where to select the app language and other profile attributes;
  • public profile, which contains the information about yourself displayed to other public users.

Which information is public and which can I make private?

If you choose to switch your profile from public (which is the default option) to private, inside the preferences section, the following information will no more be displayed by others:

  • your home page, with the information you selected as public profile;
  • your nickname, companies you are analyzing and your personal experiences.

If you do not wish to show your public profile, just set your visibility as anonymous. This way, others won't see your public profile, unable to access your home page and all of your actions will appear as an anonymous user.

Attention: if you choose to be anonymous, your own interactions and other users' actions will be limited!