My profile


You can access your profile's data through the drop-down menu, right under your user’s name.

Here you can change any information provided by your account.

Personal Information

Any personal data you wrote as you registered on s-peek (first and last name, company, nationality, address and VAT) can be modified anytime.


Here you can set your language preferences (English and Italian available), the application theme and eventually make your profile anonymous.

What happens when I anonymize my profile?

Your searches and purchased reports are hide from other users (except for personal experiences), and your user name does not appear on the company's action list.

Your profile page will become private and none will see your information

Public Profile

All your profile data: a nickname, a description of yourself, a picture, your social networks' profiles: make yourself noticeable to the s-peek community and share your experiences!

Delete your account

If you no longer want to use s-peek, or if you have found any other service which provides you these information in a more efficient and cheap way, tell us: we are constantly listening to our users, to better help them and improve s-peek! You can anyway delete your account, at any time, by clicking on the red button in Edit profile - Account "Cancel my account".