How much does s-peek cost?

Credits are the official currency inside s-peek, which you can use to buy company reports.

After you used your free credits, you will easily buy additional credits, simply by going to your profile's Credit Manager.

Which reports can be purchased?

  • FREE: a first free level provides the company's economic health generic opinion, through our intuitive green, yellow, red system, based on modeFinance evaluation;
  • FLASH: a second paid level, purchasable starting from 0.99Euro, which allows you to access modeFinance's MORE Rating (AAA-D), credit limit, total debts qualitative trends, profitability, and a comparison with same business sector companies;
  • Extended12M: a third paid level, purchasable starting from 15.99Euro, which provides all of the previous information, plus the principle financial data (equity, total assets, sales figures, profit/loss) related to the last three years of the company‚Äôs activity.