Reports are the tool we use to bring you companies data and analysis, to help you understand simply and quickly their financial performance. By downloading the report, you will access the company's data, the MORE rating, credit limits and much more.

s-peek provides two detailed-level Reports:

  • FLASH: purchasable starting from 0.99Euro, which allows you to access modeFinance's MORE Rating (AAA-D), credit limit, total debts qualitative trends, profitability, and a comparison with same business sector companies;
  • Extended12M: purchasable starting from 15.99Euro, which provides all of the previous information, plus the principle financial data (equity, total assets, sales figures, profit/loss) related to the last three years of the company‚Äôs activity.

Companies update

As soon as a company has new and updated information, you will find an orange Update button on the companies' profile in your s-peek portfolio. This feature is now available on any company with a report FLASH or Extended12M. If you purchased the Extended12M report, you will able to get a 12-months update for free!