s-peek Team Introduction

The Credit Risk Analysis and Management Platform becomes collaborative: you are now able to create and manage a Team of users, belonging to different departments of the same company, or to the same department in deployed offices, privately sharing analysis, comments, notes and all the Reports you need from companies you’re interested in.

In addition, Team members are able to comment and analyze companies' data, sharing messages directly on the platform, avoiding unnecessary emails or cluttering chats, with an effective time saving. Followed companies and downloaded Reports are privately shared within the Team, and can be classified into custom labels. Each member accesses a total credits lot, and the Admin manages and distributes a personalized credits amount, based on roles and company’s policies.

The Credit Risk Analytics section gives users a graphical comparison of the main parameters, where you can compare companies, industrial performance and yearly basis matches.

You can also upload your own company listings, as well as uniquely identify the companies in your portfolio by matching them with your internal codes, and download all the financial information you need in Excel format and Reports as PDF files. Additionally, monitored companies purchased as Extended12M Reports have 12 month free automated updates.