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Once you select a company you're interested in, you will have different options.

Keep an eye on

This is the FREE Report level. Here you access the company name and its MORE rating (with a coloured s-peek logo). You will discover if it's healthy, balanced or not, financially speaking:

  • Green - MORE Rating: AAA, AA, A, BBB;
  • Yellow - MORE Rating: BB, B,
  • Red - MORE Rating: CCC, CC, C, D.

In the company profile page you will find the company's legal form, its business sector and its address.

Reports you can purchase

There are two fee-paying reports:

  • FLASH: purchasable starting from 0.99Euro, allows you to access modeFinance's MORE Rating (AAA-D), credit limit, total debts qualitative trends, profitability, and a comparison with same business sector companies;
  • Extended12M: purchasable starting from 15.99Euro, provides all of the previous information, plus the principle financial data (equity, total assets, sales figures, profit/loss) related to the last three years of the company‚Äôs activity.